Sport Bikes: Complete service, Performance Modifications, Repair, Dyno
, Custom Paint, Racing Modifications, Mount and Balance Tires.
Harley-Davidson:  Complete service. Repair, Dyno Tune, Custom Paint,
Mount and Balance Tires. Our Certified Harley Technician has extensive
experience with the brand and is available to handle your service requirements.
Metric Cruisers: Complete Service, Repair, Dyno Tune, Custom Paint,
Performance Modifications, Mount and Balance Tires, We have the equipment
and expertise to handle all your needs.
ATV: Complete Service, Off Road Modifications such as Lift Kits,Tires and
Wheels, We can
Dyno Tune and do Performance Modifications.
Gas Powered Golf Carts: Service and Repair all makes and models.
Our NEW Dynojet dual roller dynamometer  
This DYNO can be used for Motorcycles and ATV's.
We can race tune or street tune your motorcycle. Ride
Tune or race tune your ATV. Or you can see how much
power you have to the rear tire. We would like to do
DYNO runs on an appointment basis if possible.
PARTS: We can provide OEM, Custom parts, Performance parts necessary for your
repairs or custom applications. Please call or come by the store for a quote or purchase.
Our New state of the art tire changer
and computer balancing machines.
Service Area: This is where the magic happens.
Scooters: Service and Repair all makes and models.
2 wheels, 3 wheels, 4wheels, from Asia, Japan, Korea, China, or USA
Recreational Vehicles and Motorcycles Repaired and Serviced. If it
is a Recreational Vehicle or Motorcycle made on planet Earth we
will be happy to work on it.